Epiphone ES 339 Review

Epiphone ES 339 is a modern guitar with roots firmly grounded in the Epiphone’s classic era when it was first introduced in the early 50’s and late 60’s. It has a reduced body size than its predecessor, and it embodies the classic look that many musicians love.  This musical piece features a reduced ES-size body and Epiphone’s new P-90R “soap bar” pickups. The ES 339 has a semi hollow body which gives it a fantastic look. Since its introduction, the Epiphone ES 339 has been a favorite guitar for rock music artists. It produces one of the most famous rock classic sounds. Every classic has its story, and every story has its creator. This assertion holds true for the Epiphone ES 339. Read on to find out what Epiphone ES 339 Review says more.

epiphone es 339 review

Epiphone ES 339 Review: Description

The Epiphone ES 339’s structure is double cutaway with a semi hollow and a chambered body. It is made of maple with a gloss laminated finish. It is designed to be right handed, which makes the handling even better. The neck is made of mahogany and a slim tamper with a set in the joint that holds the neck of the guitar. The scale length of the neck is 24.75 inches, and the trust rod is standard with a gloss finish. The fret board is made of Rosewood and has a radius of 12 inches medium jumbo. It has 22 inlay dotted frets which are well designed by experts. The nuts are 1.68 inches in width which makes for better tuning.

The control layout is Volume 1, 2 and tone 1, 2. It has a pickup switch which is three way with a coil tap. The color is nickel and has six strings; it also has a special feature of versatile electronics and the country of origin is China.

Pros and Cons

At the first glance of the Epiphone ES 339, you wouldn’t help but notice the amazing build and finish of this new model. It has also been built in such a way that musicians will enjoy playing with the instruments. The small size of the Epiphone ES 339 makes it easy to handle giving the guitarist a great time. It is also built to be light. As such, musicians can play it however long they want to. It is also built to create a great tone in different variations with amazing tuning. The Epiphone ES 339 is worth having in a musicians pack. It has a good versatility with the PRO90. Other than that, it also has solid electronics that are wired to meet the ultimate guitar playing satisfaction.

The only con is that some people think that since the Epiphone ES 339 is small in size, it won’t produce the same sound as its competitors.

Epiphone ES 339 Review – Conclusion

Since its inception in the early 50’s, Epiphone has continued to produce world class guitars to meet its customers’ needs. With its highly competitive pricing, the Epiphone ES 339 is a force to reckon with. I would recommend the Epiphone ES 339 to anyone who is in search of a high-quality product that is not only within budget but also has best features.