Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review

Eric Johnson  Stratocaster Review

Eric Johnson Strat is a series of electric guitars which are made by Fender from 1987 to 1999. This product is one of the models made by the same company around that era. Originally, the company made three models of the Strat guitar namely: the Plus, the Plus Deluxe, released in the year 1989 and the Ultra, introduced in 1990. The Strat model has a great list of musicians in its gallery that has made history with its incredible sound. This product has changed the names over the years and grown to newer models, but the original music still remains. Let’s discuss the Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review further.

Product Specification

The Eric Johnson Strat was first unveiled in 1986 featuring three Gold lacer Sensor pickups. It had a Fender/Wilkinson needle-bearing roller nut, which was, in 1993, changed to an LSR nut. The Eric Johnson Strat has a TBX control for middle bridge pickups and a Hipshot Tremsetter. The Strat Plus was the highest end production in the Fender series. The neck was made of maple and had 24 frets and the fret board was made of rosewood, which is a standard for guitars.

eric johnson strat review

The Pros

First of all, the guitar is a masterpiece that stands the test of time, so the sound it produces is immaculate. Therefore, you can find it in an antique store. The Eric Johnson Strat goes for a relatively lower price than other guitars with the same sound, which is an added advantage.


The only drawback of this guitar is the unavailability, as the company discontinued production and the majority of Strats are only found in an antique store which makes it difficult to find. In this Eric Johnson Strat Review, I have carefully put together the best information. It’s a classic instrument and contains a perfect work of art. So, if you are going to buy this masterpiece, remember that old is gold.

Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review

The Eric Johnson Stratocaster has finally arrived after many years of research. Designed by Eric at custom shop guru, it is based on the 1957 model and contains the best electronic and vintage design that precisely catches the attention of every musician. This is depicted in the design, tuning, and layout of different structures. Let’s read the Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review to find out more.

Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review: The Make

In this Eric Johnson Stratocaster Review, I am going to highlight all the features of the Eric Johnson Stratocaster model. The model has various accessories, some of which include; a Dulex Blonde hard shell with black ends, strap and a cable. It has two volume master controls and two tone controls to change volumes of the music depending on the musician’s preferences. Comes with 2-Color Sunburst, Black, candy red and Apple red it has white blonde finish. The body has a deep contour styling making it look like a classic piece and also has a casing included in its packaging. The fingerboard material is Maple and its radius is 12 inches. The guitar material is alder. Hardware comprises of Nickel Chrome which is tough to withstand tension.

This product has a pick up of three different Eric Johnsons with counter sank Mounting screws. The neck’s scale length is 25.5 inches by 648 mm. Moreover, it has a 2-piece Deep contoured ’57 lightweight Alder body, which has counter sunk holes in pickup mounting screws. The nut width is 1.65 inches, and the year of origin is 2005. Among the product’s special features include Extra Smooth Neck to Headstock Volute, Special Neck plate with Engraved Ej.

The Pros and Cons

The Eric Johnson Stratocaster’s vintage modern look makes the guitar stand out from the rest. It possesses a vintage vibe with modern features and has a great tone. The volume and tone knobs help in adjusting the tone to reach the required levels. Fun to play and easy to handle are the features that every musician love to have. It’s solid electronic makeup makes it produce a very smooth tone. The pickup is great especially for the lead singer who doesn’t go out of tone when the music starts.

The only drawback of Eric Johnson Stratocaster is the price as it goes for about $1899 which is too much for the standard buyer.

Wrapping up the Eric Johnson Strat review

The Eric Johnson Stratocaster is the guitar of choice for a prospective buyer looking for a good quality musical instrument that guarantees value for your money. Most of its users describe the Eric Johnson Stratocaster as a definite no-brainer. Therefore, we recommend it for those musicians that perform in regular gigs.