ESP LTD EC-1000 Review

The ESP LTD EC-1000 QM Electric Guitar’s eye-popping feature is a matching veneer plus. It’s crafted by the Japanese using the best tools to give the guitar the best look for the musicians. The basswood body and maple neck with 24-fret rosewood provide high resonance to help the ESP LH-150 humbuckers have a crack out gorgeous, lengthy sustain. It was first crafted in the 1970’s. Since then, the company has produced even better models with the ESP LTD being among their finest works of art. Surely it is one product that musicians are going to love using especially now that the instrument making has lost its original touch, which the ESP tries its best to maintain. Let us find out what ESP LTD EC-1000 review says about the product.

ESP LTD EC-1000 REVIEW: The make

According to one ESP LTD EC-1000 review, the body is constructed using mahogany, and only weighs 0.3 ounces. It is great since you can play the guitar for a long time without using up considerable energy.  The product’s dimensions are approximately 42x4x18. The last model was created in 2015 which had a 24.75-inch neck that is standard for most electric guitars. The neck is made of mahogany and with its sloppy finish, you will look like a superstar while playing the instrument. The nuts are 42mm in width which is carefully molded to the side top to produce a very nice finish. It has 24 frets, and the Tuners are LTD locking. The bridge is ton pros Locking TOM and has a tail piece. The electrical layout is: Volume 1, volume 2, tone 1, toggle switch and has six strings for playing sounds.

esp ltd ec-1000 review

Pros and Cons

One ESP LTD EC-1000 review points out that due to its craft, the guitar makes for a good design and has a killer-cool look that will make anyone playing it feel like a rock star. The TOM Bridge (string through) provides a significant amount of sustain unlike what is seen in the conventional V-shaped guitars. The neck is fastened well to make anyone playing feel comfortable while it’s hanging around the neck. There is also has high clarity while playing the ESP LTD EC-1000. The chords and notes in playing metal music provide a good rhythm which, according to another ESP LTD EC-1000 review, is amazing for most people. What is astounding about the guitar is that it doesn’t get off tune easily. It’s very good for going out to perform in gigs since the guitar does not break easily. The 24 extra frets make for a good playing feel.

The ESP LTD EC-1000 also has a good electronic makeup which is carefully fitted and tested to ensure that it performs at pic rate while playing. This is good and particularly helpful for those who like to play metal music at different levels.

The cons are that there are no EMG pickups which are highly essential while playing metal music. It is also challenging for some people to play the V-shaped guitar while sitting. The ESP LTD EC-1000 has bolts on the construction body which makes it difficult for some players to reach while playing.

ESP LTD EC-1000 Review – Conclusion

It is a great product but a little bit pricey with one going for $869 at Amazon. This is also fair considering the work that has been put to bring this fantastic work of art to life. I would highly recommend this for those who like looking fresh while playing and producing high-quality sounds at the same time.