Suhr Classic Pro Review

The Suhr Classic Pro takes all the tones of the classic antique guitar without any antiquing or aging. This antique produces the best sounds of a genuine Suhr classic while retaining the brand quality of the guitar. Up until 2006, Suhr was strictly a custom shop but as demand increased the Pro version was devised. Many improvements were made to this model to make sure that it would fit the specifications of the market. The main production company is in the USA. Continue reading the Suhr Classic Pro Review to find out more.

suhr classic pro review

Suhr Classic Pro Review Specifications

In this Suhr Classic Pro Review, I am going to explain the details on the Suhr model. First, it has a 2 PC Alder body with a maple neck. The fret board is made of rosewood polished to enhance its appearance into a classic look. The Tusq nut is 1.650 inches in width. There are 22 stainless steel frets which is a plus point since it will reduce chances of rust forming.  Both the neck and middle pickups are V70, each with a single coil. The bridge picks up is a Suhr V70 with a single coil Humbucker. The hardware of this product is Suhr Locking with a steel block Gotoh 510 bridge. The color of the hardware is chrome.

The Pros and Cons

This product has a classic look with a pro-style appointment which makes the one playing it look fresh and in the groove. There is no loss of volume in between the coil and the Humbucker with increased clarity definition. It is also wound firmer for more output and an increased sustain which produces a mid-range sustain.  The electrical circuits are well arranged for a better sound quality and toning while playing different genres of music. Whether it is blues, RnB or rock the Suhr classic pro is the ultimate go-to guitar. Although it has not been on the market for long, it has surely captured the attention of some great musicians.

Most producers are now going for this work of art which, with its 22 frets leaves nothing to chance while playing the music. The Suhr combines the vintage look with a vintage sound to bring out the best classic sound that one can have.

Although it is pricey with one going for up to $2100, it’s still a classic. One cannot put a price on quality. Some people complain of the wiring, but for me, I wouldn’t mind it since it is crafted to make you enjoy the tune from one genre to another.

Suhr Classic Pro Review – Conclusion

In this Suhr Classic Pro Review, we have tried to look for the one that goes for a lower price. However, all seem to be priced over $2000 which is a bit too high for most people. The manufacturers primarily wanted to capture all the professionals in music. The price surely says it all. Nevertheless, the Suhr Classic Pro is still the best guitar. From its make and design to its wiring and finishing, anyone who owns this product is guaranteed to look like a pro even before playing the instrument. It’s the best for playing in gigs and parties because of its classic look. I would highly recommend it for the professionals and the aspiring professionals to make an effort to own it.